Just Checking In!

September 27, 2015

Hello, Readers!

Happy end-of-September to you all!  For those of you currently in school, hope things are going well for you, and for those of you contemplating school, I hope the blog is helpful towards reaching a decision.

Lets see, what’s gone on since June?  Well, June was my last rotation of my intern year and also my last rotation on the inpatient psychiatric service.  I liked working on the inpatient unit and am sad that I will not be going back, except when I am on the dual-diagnosis unit rotations later this year.

July and August I was on our Geriatrics rotation.  That was fun.  It was fascinating to focus on that specific population.  Lots of folks (myself included) have the preconceived notion that there is nothing except depression and dementia in that population.  SO WRONG.  They have their own fascinating dilemmas and a variety of diagnoses just like the adult and pediatric populations which draw my attention and make me love psychiatry.  Oh, and also during this rotation, we get to run the ECT service.  That was my favorite part.  I loved learning how to do ECT and seeing the rapid, significant results it brought many of the patients.  It’s definitely something I want to do when I finish residency.

September I got to go our forensics rotation at one of the state hospitals (we have 3).  I enjoyed that as well.  I did not think I would like forensics as much as I do.  I have even found myself logging onto freida (http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/education-careers/graduate-medical-education/freida-online.page?), looking at forensics fellowships.  Don’t worry, my heart is still set on child and adolescent, but this would be a fun thing to consider after that.

Now I am on to night float.  There are two residents who share the responsibility, so I am off this week but will be on next week.  It seems intimidating because I will be the only house staff in the 950-bed hospital for the psychiatry service from 9:00pm-7:30am, but I am excited to take-on the challenge.  I have an on-call attending physician at my beck and call, I just have to pick up the phone, so I’m really not alone.  I will cover the patients who present to the emergency department with psychiatric complaints (I have done this before on the emergency psychiatry rotation), any emergent consults which are placed within the hospital (I have done this before on day float and on geriatric consults), and any issues which come-up on the inpatient psychiatric unit (I have done this before while on short-call during the many blocks of inpatient psychiatry).  So it’s really not anything new I haven’t done before, it’s just at a different time of day.

During our off-weeks on night float, we are scheduled for the outpatient psychiatric clinic (almost the whole third year of psychiatry residency is dedicated to outpatient psychiatry) which is our first exposure to outpatient psychiatry.  It’s cool to feel like you’re a third year, sitting in clinic.  I was unfamiliar with the flow of clinic, but the third years were very helpful orienting me to the correct templates, where to collect vital signs, where the after visit summary prints out, where the prescription printer is, what billing codes to use, etc.  Interviewing the patients is the same as in the hospital, it’s just in a different setting and you are under more strict time constraints.  I think I like it.  The in-office cameras take some getting used-to, but are admittedly better than having another person sit in the room and throw-off the interview.

Well, that’s really all that’s been going on.  You all have submitted some great questions in the comments section, which I’ve finally gotten caught-up on.  Please keep them coming.

Thanks for reading!


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