Truckin’ on

November 20, 2014

Hello, Readers,

Hope you all are doing well and gearing-up for a fabulous holiday season.  Greetings from outpatient neurology.  Ended up having a great month on inpatient psych, then spent a month doing outpatient pediatrics and absolutely loved it.  Really reaffirmed my decision to do peds-psych.  Now I have moved-on to the neuro folks and admit, I am missing peds, but am surprised to see that there is more psych involved in Neuro than I expected.  A lot of what I have done so-far is shadowing, but it’s helpful.  Definitely different than when dealing with patients on the inpatient service.

Today is Thursday, didactics day and also my day off from neuro.  Trying to get things tidied up around the house and exercise a bit before heading over to meet the rest of my PGY-1 class.  You guys have submitted some excellent questions and thanks for being so patient for me to get responses back.  Keep up the questions and I hope you all stay well!


6 Responses to “Truckin’ on”

  1. Psquared said

    I am starting at MUA in just a few weeks and wanted to just thank you. Your blog is comforting and sincerely generous of you.
    I am sure you are a phenomenal doctor:)

  2. Nicky said

    I am starting MUA in January, but i have heard mix reviews about getting licensed in the states. Can you please tell me how hard was it for you to get into clinicals and which state are you thinking of practicing once you are done with residency? oh i have tons of questions… there is no one to answer them…confused and scared……

    • jenningers said

      Hello, Nicky!

      First and foremost, thanks for reading and congratulations on your acceptance to MUA. Try not to be so anxious – it is a very exciting time for you. Hopefully you’ll get some peace once you arrive on the island.

      The rumors about trouble getting licensed in the states are, as far as I can tell, just rumors. I and my classmates, have had no trouble as long as we avoided seeking residencies in the problem states like California.

      In regards to clinicals, core rotations are not hard to get into at all – the school schedules those. Electives are a bit difficult, just because so many hospitals use the VSAS application, available only to US students, however there are plenty of electives available if you do some research.

      I plan to stay in North Carolina after I finish residency as this is the state where I am from.

      Feel free to bring on the questions! Also there is a facebook group called MUA Mentors where there are lots of folks who can answer your questions in a very timely manner.


  3. Scott said

    I am applying to MUA for this fall start date and had a quick couple of questions for you. First of all, I have enjoyed reading your blog, it has truly been insightful regarding me applying to MUA!
    My questions are is with the recent US Financial AID eligibility for MUA students and their “pending” california board approval site visit number 2 do you see them perhaps doing the same type of thing as Cali approval did with SABA, as in a approval with several years past dated to be approved by Cali?
    And also, I am a little confused as to which states you can official obtain licensure in?….I understand the california board of approval, but MUA is neither on the approved or disapproved, does this mean that in one of those states one can apply on case by case basis?…For example, In Indiana, where I am from, there are several physicians practicing in Indiana from St. James Medical School, and Indiana follows Cali Board, but St. James is neither on approved or disapproved.
    Any insights? Thanks so much! I look forward to reading more! You are such a help!

    Best Regards,

    • jenningers said

      Hi Scott,

      Sorry it’s taken a bit to get back to you. Glad you like the blog, hope it has helped. Congrats on taking the big step to apply to medical school–it’s a huge deal and a big leap of confidence. Good luck!

      Cali approval is still up-in-the-air. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard about any new developments regarding site visits or subsequent meetings. Unless you want to do residency in California, it doesn’t matter so much. If you have your heart set on practicing there, you can always do residency in a different state, get your board certification, then go to Cali and get licensed. It’s a bit of a roundabout way to get there which is somewhat annoying, but just because we aren’t on the Cali list right now doesn’t negate you from ever practicing there.

      There are formal lists out there, by several states regarding whom they will and won’t consider for licensing. Your best bet is to email your state medical board directly and ask them what their policy is on the school of your interest. I did this with the NC medical board who got back to me in a timely manner and let me know that as of that time, there were no issues with MUA. I think since we haven’t been disapproved by anyone, your worst-case-scenario is them giving you the “we approach it on a case-by-case basis” response, which means they COULD interview you or they COULD NOT, in which case, you might want to consider a different school that your state is less on-the-fence about.

      Best of luck to you Scott, good questions!


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