Truckin’ on

November 20, 2014

Hello, Readers,

Hope you all are doing well and gearing-up for a fabulous holiday season.  Greetings from outpatient neurology.  Ended up having a great month on inpatient psych, then spent a month doing outpatient pediatrics and absolutely loved it.  Really reaffirmed my decision to do peds-psych.  Now I have moved-on to the neuro folks and admit, I am missing peds, but am surprised to see that there is more psych involved in Neuro than I expected.  A lot of what I have done so-far is shadowing, but it’s helpful.  Definitely different than when dealing with patients on the inpatient service.

Today is Thursday, didactics day and also my day off from neuro.  Trying to get things tidied up around the house and exercise a bit before heading over to meet the rest of my PGY-1 class.  You guys have submitted some excellent questions and thanks for being so patient for me to get responses back.  Keep up the questions and I hope you all stay well!