July 5, 2014

Hello, Readers,

OMG. Residency is quite different than I expected; very, VERY busy. I am frequently reminded of my internal medicine rotation during third year. It’s taking time to get used to things–figuring out how different processes work at the hospital, learning to navigate the computer system from a resident’s perspective. Oh, and learning my way around the hospital: I can find the cafeteria, the other cafeteria, and the Emergency Room. I was shown where the GME office is once, but am not sure how to get back there without going outside and approaching it from the nearest exit.

I like that we don’t have to work every weekend. Even though I have to come in to work this weekend, I’m happy to have next weekend off. Though orientation is over, we continue to have many meetings. The good thing about working on the weekend is that we do NOT have meetings; it’s much easier to sit down and concentrate on a task when you don’t have to worry about getting to a stopping point just so you can make it to another obligation on time.

Spooky having everyone call me Dr. And carrying around a pager, still getting used to that. I find that having to dress up most days, I look forward to coming home and having a reason to go somewhere and wear casual clothes. Oh, and I’ve got this dorky habit now of reaching for my pocket to get my keys/badge ready to unlock/swipe into most doors.

In for a penny, in for a pound! I’m a resident now!