Post Match-Weekend

March 24, 2014

Hey, ya’ll!

Thanks so much for the congratulatory comments. What an awesome week it was. Monday brought a wave of relief when I checked my email at 11:05 (central time) while we were seeing outpatients, then it was a LOOOONG week of waiting until Friday at noon (when we were still rounding) when I found out where: I get to stay in my home state of North Carolina and matched into my #1 specialty, Psychiatry! Within 5 minutes, I ducked into the nearest bathroom to take a call from my new program director congratulating me. Within a couple of hours, I’d gotten a slew of emails from folks in the department also offering their congratulations. Happy, happy day.

All those close to me have been very supportive and are also very excited. It’s great to have something concrete to plan–I finally can start looking for apartments, scheduling vacations.

Rotations are winding down. This is my last week in Louisiana doing a FAAAAABULOUS psych elective where I’ve gotten to see inpatient child, adolescent, adult, and chemical dependence patients, as well as outpatients. The pace has been unusually busy for psychiatry, but fun. I’ve learned time management as we see 30-60 patients/day. Next I’m off to Virginia to complete my last 4-week elective, a required medicine sub-I elective BEFORE I’M FINISHED!

I’ve received emails about graduation already. We all get to venture up to Massachusetts at the end of May. I’m looking forward to meeting classmates I haven’t seen since we left the island. It’s exciting ordering announcements and graduation attire.

7 Responses to “Post Match-Weekend”

  1. writer414 said

    wow that’s awesome Jen! I’ve been following your posts since you started your med. school journey? Where did you end up matching? I’ll be headed to Colorado!

    • jenningers said

      Hello, Writer,

      Thanks for the congrats, and congrats to you as well! Colorado sounds lovely. I’m staying in North Carolina, where I’m originally from. And very excited. Keep in touch, will you?


  2. pushpa said

    Congrats Jen!! I’ve been reading your blog and I want to thank you so much for the helpful advice you’ve provided for incoming students(i’m starting this may). If it’s not too much trouble, could I email you some questions about nevis/the basic semesters(such as books to buy/avoid, food, etc)? Also if you don’t mind could you please share an approximate range of your usmle score? thanks so much!

  3. Jerville said

    Congrats Jenn!!

    I’ve been following your post way back when I started considering Cariibean schools. I’m so excited for you!

    Currently, I’m studying for Step 1 & I was wondering if you have any advice to offer & which hospitals did you feel were the best for learning?

    • jenningers said

      Hello, Jerville!

      Good luck on the Step 1! In regards to hospitals for clinicals, just go wherever is available and convenient for you, though I would suggest trying to be in an area where you’d eventually like to end up doing your residency. I chose Chicago because it was the first available (and I could do all of my rotations there at the time), though had Atlanta been available, I believe I would have chosen it.



  4. N said

    I’m also from NC and will be attending MUA as a first semester basic sciences student in September!
    So great you got to come home!


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