Interview Season Winds Down

January 12, 2014

Hello, Readers,

Hope you’re all okay. Should be in the bed by now as I have to head out for the airport at 4:00 tomorrow morning (that’s in less than 8 hours from now), but am making sure to research the programs my next two interviews are at this week. There is a fatigue that has been setting in as the interview season progresses–you get comfortable with the process and too lazy to ‘do your homework’ before you go to a program (many of them have a similar setup as the requirements don’t leave a lot of room for improvisation) but it’s your own fault if you get into a conversation and look stupid because you didn’t research beforehand. There are subtle differences between programs and if you aren’t aware of them, you look uninterested and uninformed. Even though this is late in the season, my goal is to go into the whole process with the attitude that these are the interviews I have been waiting for the whole time–I’ve saved the BEST for last. Attitude is everything.

Rotation’s been going fine. Most days are 7:00am-5:00pm (long-ish for a psych elective) but fun. Getting to see plenty of interesting patients with diverse pathology. Not too many ‘frequent fliers’ and even if the attending is familiar with a certain patient, they seem to be pretty good about giving the residents and students latitude to discern symptoms and DSM criteria on our own without spoiling the surprise and going with the same old diagnosis. We have open discussions about pharmacology here such as receptors, side effect profiles, and potentiation. It’s cool–wasn’t expecting to learn some of that stuff until residency but happy that I’m picking up on it now.

Well, back to FRIEDA and the program pages. Have a good night, ya’ll.


Happy New Year!

January 8, 2014

Hi, Readers!  

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years and and thriving in 2014.  I’m writing from the gym, waiting on an empty treadmill, amused at folks still going strong with their New Years resolutions 1 week into the new year.  My New Years resolution is to not scream at my iPad mini for auto-correcting my quick sausage-finger typing into absurdities.  Jk–that’s just for right now–naw for real, my resolution is to give up soda. Don’t know if the effects of too much aspartame are bunk or not but at least my restaurant bills will be less.  Hope it will help with weight loss too.  Have set myself a lofty goal of losing 50 lbs before residency starts.  Started Atkins today.  Will be easier with chicken and turkey incorporated back into my diet now that last years resolution of vegetarianism is completed.  Made some yummy salad dressing by diluting Ina Garten’s satay dip with coconut water.  Should be relatively low-carb.  The point is that it is delicious in small quantities and makes me fill up on leaves in lieu of more protein or fat.  Mission accomplished and sitting in my fridge in a plastic squeeze bottle.  


On the school front, I have just come back from a couple of interviews which added more wonderful programs to my options and have complicated my match list yet again.  Great problem to have.  Preparing for a couple more interviews next week, should be fun.  1.5 weeks into adult inpatient psych elective rotation and love it.  Do rounds in the morning and then after an hour or two lunch break during which I have ample time for running errands, spend the afternoon in admissions.  Admissions doc likes to give us reading assignments for quick presentations during our down-time, so I’m learning a loT of upper-level psych stuff.  

Crap, the gym patrons are increasing in number instead of decreasing.  Better go if I want to get some kind of cardio done today.



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