More on the Match

December 20, 2013

Hello, Readers,

Happy Holidays to you all. I’ve spent the past few hours cooped up in the 24-hr medical library of the program I’m at, since the house they rent to us doesn’t have internet. So many chores tonight. Because I didn’t have my CS score report when I sent out eras applications, I am having to go back to ALL of the programs I am awaiting replies from and send them my score report, just in case they were waiting on that to make a decision on my application. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten many rejections [which would narrow down my list of correspondence], but I’m a point where I’m starting to think I should have made my match list more succinct. Ok, nevermind, that’s the tiredness talking. Grateful, promise. Most of the places have really nice residency program pages but many are stingy with their contact information. I was able to find program coordinator/assistant email addresses for most of them [with some cunning googling] but still have to make a handful of phone calls tomorrow, sometime, when I’m not in the midst of my interview. As is the norm I’m figuring out, when you’re actively completing an elective rotation at the place you’re interviewing at, you have a significantly abbreviated interview day. Shouldn’t be too much trouble calling to get email addresses.

Also, I’ve had the occasion to seek out a printer–I got word today that I was approved for my 10th and final Ed-Invest loan for the school. Hooray! I can afford to finish my schooling! After getting an email that your loan request has been approved, you have a specific time-frame during which you must print out a loan acceptance page, sign it, and then send it back to the loan folks so that they’ll issue the money to MUA. If you are late or drag your heels, MUA delays sending you your “refund check” of the money left over after paying your tuition. Even though this check has dwindled down to a pathetic amount which one could not possibly survive on for 4 months, it usually helps to pay my rent for a month or so. Life gets more budgeting-intense when it is late, so you can see why it’s a big deal.

I’ve gotten lots of lovely correspondence from new readers and folks recently accepted to MUA wanting advice–please, keep ’em coming! If I can’t answer your question, I know lots of friendly folks who can give you very current information on the island/school.

Whelp, still have a gym date, suit-ironing, and a bunch of belated Thank-You’s to fill out before I retire for some beauty sleep before tomorrow’s interview. Wish me luck!


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