Back in the Midwest!

December 11, 2013

Aloha, guys!

Hope you’re staying warm! It’s been absolutely frigid out here–no kidding, it got up into the forties for the first time in a week and I was elated. Dang, here I go again going almost a month in between posts again–sorry about that. This whole not-having-internet at the house where I’m staying thing is really lame.

So let’s see, finished up in North Carolina, had a week off with my folks to celebrate and try not to get sick (hand washing prevailed!) from their colds or flus or whatever was going around, then packed up and headed out to Oklahoma for a couple months of electives. Why Oklahoma, you ask? I dunno, why not? Hadn’t been out this way before, have a chance to explore different parts of the country and see how healthcare differs. It’s pretty cool. Apparently their weather ranges from the single digits Fahrenheit with snow that hangs around for weeks, to 110+ degree heat so I guess it’s better that I’m here in the winter.

I found out that I passed CS! Looking at my score report, I feel sorta silly for freaking out about it and getting all nervous and anxious–I did great. I was dreading it, felt good about it after it was over, then got more nervous as time passed waiting for my score to come back. During one of my interviews with a program director, they told me that as an img, if I didn’t pass CS on the first try, they would NOT be ranking me. No pressure, right? After my folks and the school, that program was the first program I emailed to let them know I passed, ahem.

Have been going to more interviews in the the process. Had a big snafu with Delta trying to get a flight out of Oklahoma back to the East coast and consequently, an interview which didn’t happen…because I couldn’t get out of the state because of a really shoddy maintenance problem. Delta did reluctantly refund my ticket but couldn’t understand why I was giving up and going home at 10:30 pm the day of said flight when I had been at the airport since 7:30 that morning.
“But miss, we can get you there tomorrow by noon”

“well given that my interview dinner started 4 hours ago, ended 2 hours ago, and my actual interview will be nearly over by noon tomorrow, no. Thank you, you’ve ruined my weekend. I just want to go home.”

“We can offer you a $50 travel voucher.”

“Oh, how generous. Let’s see, I’ve been here for 15 hours and you want to give me $50? $3/hr? That sounds like the pay at a residency I won’t have a shot at thanks to you folks.”


I did get to reschedule the interview but you can guess who I won’t be flying with to get there…

So other than getting used to rotations out here in OK and typing blog posts on my iPad, not a lot going on. It’s nice and calm here compared to Chicago. Not too bad of an exchange. They have a 24-hour gym with wi-fi, I’m sold…

2 Responses to “Back in the Midwest!”

  1. happyronnie said


    I have some questions I wanted to ask you in regards to school/rotations. It’s been a bit tough trying to get in contact with MUA seniors/grads. Do you mind responding to me via email.

    Thanks for your help!

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