Happy Halloween, Readers!

October 31, 2013

Hey, ya’ll!

Checking in now that I have moved away from Chicago. I finished up my last core in peds, then went to a different hospital for an elective in adolescent medicine. I really enjoyed it! You get a lot of aspects of both peds and adult medicine because you cover such a diverse age group…plus it being Chicago, you get a lot of pathology. 🙂

Now I’m back in North Carolina, not close to where I live, but happy to be back in an area where my accent blends in again. I’m doing an elective in Child & Adolescent Psych which has been fabulous. I am their only medical student, so it’s interesting being intellectually by myself, surrounded by all these experts. I am in student housing, so I’m sharing a 2-bdr apartment with 2 OB students and we will be joined by another student in a couple of weeks. I’d forgotten what it was like to have roommates.

I took the Step 2 CS this past week in Atlanta. Lots of anxiety and nerves about it–not a big fan of being watched and critiqued–but then the actual exam wasn’t bad at all. The proctors were very nice. Now is the REAL hard part, waiting 3 months for the results. You’ll be doing something in clinic and you’ll think of a question you should have asked one of your SP’s and have a “Doh!” moment. But then other times, you’ll think about that triumphant feeling you had when you were leaving one of the rooms with 3 diagnoses and tons of evidence in mind and think, “yeah, I aced that thing, why am I worried–it’s pass/fail!”

So now it’s Halloween night, I don’t have studying for the CS hovering over my head, preventing me from having any fun. Wonder what Halloween festivities they have out here in the boonies?