🙂 Hi readers!

Very excited to report that I got good news about CK on Wednesday. I had fully prepared myself to see the glaring word FAIL written in the gray box on my score pdf (no, I didn’t think I would fail but there’s always that doubt in the back of your mind) but I scrolled down, saw PASS, blinked, refreshed the page and still PASS came up again, so that was proof enough for me. Almost everyone I know has had trouble with a test in the recent past–comp, step 1, shelf exams, cs–so it has made me extra nervous. I was worried that I would go down from my Step 1 score, but I did not! Which is great!

So now that that’s done, I’ve applied to programs and am waiting for news. Which brings me to an important topic: Clinicals are EXPENSIVE. Holy cow, take a look:

ECFMG certification (so you can take Step 1): $50
IMG Step 1 cost: $790
IMG Step 2 CK cost: $820
IMG Step 2 CS cost: $1440
ERAS token fee (so you can send out residency program apps): $100
NRMP fee (so you can enter in the match): $60 (+ $50 late fee if after November)
Application fees: $638 (and that’s apparently conservative–some spend as much as $7k)

Plus tuiton, fees, housing, transportation, food.

I bring this up because it seems like over the past 3 months I’ve been shelling out more money for school than I ever dreamed of. I got my check back from the school for Semester 9 of 10–they send me back what I have to live on for the semester after they take out tuition and fees, and the check has dwindled down to $1005.00. Are you kidding? They expect us to live an entire semester, paying the fees I mentioned for exams and applications and traveling to interviews on $1000? The problem is that they keep raising tuition–understandable–but they will not increase the amount of money we are allowed to request of the private bank who fulfills our loans, so we get less and less back each semester. We’re forbidden from getting jobs so what are you to do? In my case, lean very heavily on my folks. I think other classmates are having to take MBA classes on-line to get more loan money from that just to be able to make it. Not good. If you’re not Canandian (with large province loans), your parents aren’t doctors, you don’t have a rich uncle, or a hefty savings account from a previous career, you’re running out of luck at MUA.


September 18, 2013

Aloha, Readers!

I’ve missed you guys! Thanks for the great questions–they’re really helpful and I don’t mind answering them at all! They bring up really good points that I don’t always discuss on here.

So to catch you all up, I’ve taken my CK–waiting on scores. I’ve booked 4 of my 6 electives and am just waiting on confirmation on my last 2. Once I get my CK scores, I will send off my 2014 residency match apps! And I’m finishing up my last core, Peds, this week and will take the NBME for that on this upcoming Saturday. Whew. But before that, I have a lot going on during this last week in neonatology–just finished a presentation on birth trauma and perinatal asphyxia–and don’t have time to sit down and write a proper post just yet. Still, I wanted to check in, say hi, and wish you all luck with your applications/basic sciences/clinical sciences/ERAS apps.