Elective Suggestions

August 7, 2013

Good Morning, Readers!

Still on my study break, so won’t get off on too big of a tangent but wanted to write something to those of you who are just beginning clinicals.

So the school tells you, starting during your Med 5 clinicals meeting, that you will be responsible for setting up all your own elective rotations. At first that sounds really intimidating, but then you’re told that it’s not that complicated and not that big of a deal and not to worry so much about it. You calm down, go on with your core rotations and sort of put it in the back of your mind. DON’T!

I had read, during my exhaustive research on valuemd before choosing a school, that it’s vitally important to try and get ALL of your cores done ASAP, and with as few gaps as possible. As with many other topics on valuemd I thought these were just students being fastidious and took it with a grain of salt. I just HAPPENED to LUCK into getting all of my cores booked back-to-back in Chicago and was elated about not having to move for a whole year, but had no idea how truly lucky I was! Here it is fourth year and everyone is trying to set up elective rotations and I have SO MANY CLASSMATES who are lacking just one of the 6-week cores…and they CAN’T GET ELECTIVES! It’s terrifying! Now that’s not to say they can’t get ANY rotations, they have gotten some, but I have now talked this over with multiple classmates who are all having the same trouble. They’re scrambling to find a site to finish their last core before they can book more electives.

You’d think, for example, that if you’re trying to do a rotation in say…peds allergies and asthma, that just because you haven’t done your psych rotation yet, you’d be ok. I mean, you’ve covered the biggies: peds, IM and surgery. WRONG! I have no idea what psych has to do with peds allergy and asthma. And it’s not about the number of weeks you’ve completed either. Almost all of these folks who are running into trouble have completed a family medicine elective (also 6 weeks long like their missing core) but the rotation directors still won’t take that in lieu of the last core.

So my advice to you folks, get your CORES DONE!

I’ll discuss more about electives later but for now, I’m taking an ACLS class today!