Day Off

September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Ok, still no internet.  I know, it’s crazy.  There is some connection that needs to be made between phone lines/cables in the basement of the building, which is accessible only by the maintenance staff who have not been available during my past two appointments.  Let’s hope tomorrow’s my lucky day and not Day 11 without internet.  That said, there is much more incentive to read (what I am supposed to be doing) since I’ve got no distractions.  Tomorrow is also, FINALLY, drug-screen and photo ID time at the hospital, barring any new codes/teacher strikes.

Had Saturday clinic which seemed to be the same as M-F clinic, except that everyone except the med students was dressed casually–in fact one of the office staff members asked the doc if he was going golfing based on how he was dressed.  (He was not.)  Only 3 of us students showed up (since it was an optional day) so our discussions about patient care and presentations seemed more intimate and we lad more time to critique and discuss.  I gave my first patient presentation (EVER–on a real patient) and while I’m pretty sure I was awful, had everyone (including the doc) tell me I did good.  He took away my notes before I started, so it was pretty disjointed but at least the first one’s behind me and I can only improve from here.

I was impressed–between me and my partner, we covered ALL bases as far as history questions and physical exam–there wasn’t any information the doctor or other student requested that we had missed.  That was a great feeling considering when I got in there, my mind went blank and my mouth went dry.  I have to figure out how to balance taking notes and asking questions.  I’d think of great questions, but then not have time to write down the responses without there being long pauses.  I suppose the solution is to remember as much of the history as you can and then run outside and write your note, but I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have before I needed to present and didn’t want to keep the doc and other students waiting.  If anyone has pointers, please let me know.  Always looking to improve.

On the home front, I’m discovering that dieting is going to be difficult.  In contrast to living at my folks’ place, here, I don’t have the energy to stop and cook like I did.  When I have cold pizza or Chinese in my fridge, life is so much easier when tasked only with reheating.  I know, I know–if I planned ahead and did my cooking on the weekends, I could reheat diet food just as easily but what about weeks like this one where I only get ONE day off at a time?  Eating carbs doesn’t seem like a good idea if I want to keep losing weight quickly as I did over the summer, but I noticed when I stepped on the scales this morning, instead of the 5 pounds I was expecting to have gained from a week of non-diet food, I had…lost 2?!  I realized that I have been walking quite a bit, getting between hospitals and apartment and that the miniscule blocks to/from bus stops add up quickly.  (Google maps tells me that in getting from my apartment to clinic yesterday, I walked 1.9 miles round trip!) On top of that, I’m still making myself workout at least 30 minutes each night, so perhaps if I can be okay with losing weight at half the pace I was at home, I can still eat carbs and consequently not be zapped of energy during hospital/clinic days, worry less about having low-carb stuff ready to eat without an hour’s cooking commitment, and be a less-grumpy person since we all know everyone’s much more pleasant with carbs in their life.

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