August 29, 2012

So I’m supposed to head up to Chicago with my folks this coming Sunday.  We have appointments to go apartment-viewing on Monday and Tuesday so that I can hopefully get moved-in with enough time remaining to unpack and settle before I have to be places.  My biggest apprehension, selfishly, about this whole process is getting internet set up.  Don’t care about TV.  Have cell phone.  But need internet to survive and have had notoriously BAAAAD experiences with ISPs taking a long time to show up/not being on time/not successfully getting internet set up and unlike previous experiences where I could stop what I was doing and go home to finally meet them outside of their scheduled arrival time, that is NOT a possibility now.  ::deep breath::

Otherwise completely excited about moving to the big city.  I think at heart I’m a city girl and hope that I will love urban living, even though I will be in a not-so-desirable area of the city.  Starting to get panicky about my decision to not have a car, but then remind myself of the complications that it would add to my life and stop worrying about that too.  I have a lot on my mind–can you tell?
Let’s see.  Meanwhile I have been doing more shopping.  Organizing.  Packing.  Donating a lot of my old clothes since they’re too big now YIPPEE!  I got a ton of books for my first rotation that are huge and have small print and don’t look that exciting, so instead of lugging those around I have been reading First Aid for the Wards while at the gym and I absolutely love it.  It’s like having a big brother med student to tell you all the right things to say and do during your rotation.  Makes me feel less nervous.  There’s a part of me that’s been bamboozled since I started basic sciences about how (during clinical years) we are graded and how we learn now that we’re not in lecture every day–everyone knows about rounds and stuff but once those are over, the prospect of wandering around a hospital all day/everyday for a few weeks seems eerily unstructured.  Not so.  The book reveals what happens during normal days and what is to be expected.  There IS structured learning.  Yay!

I’ve been trying to balance extra-strenuous trips to the gym with eating local things that I like (and assume I won’t have access to for a while) in the hope that I’ll still keep losing some weight.  It works…sort of.

My other computer, the beloved full-sized laptop from Med 1-2 is in the process of dying.  I caught a virus, the zero access trojan, which McAfee’s platinum-level virus team successfully removed for an economical $89.95 (this is sarcasm) but then in the process of trying to remove another virus I (apparently) had acquired, I started getting the blue screen of death and the McAfee folks starting playing a funeral march for me.  I was given the suggestion (to shut me up) of reinstalling windows and hoping for the best but we both know my sweet little laptop has turned into a brick.  I was still able to de-authorize iTunes and get most of my documents/photos off of it so I’m not that sad, but only going to Chicago with my netbook seems…risky.  I know, I know…millions of people are grateful to have just one computer and survive fine with it, but with all the computer-required responsibilities I have, it seems risky not to have an immediately-accessible back up.  Would LOVE to have a Mac but.they’ 😦


August 21, 2012

Hi guys!

I have some good news to share!  After I received the email about my USMLE scores last Wednesday, I forwarded the information to the appropriate people at the school’s office and have now officially been given my clinicals assignment!  I’m headed to…::drumroll::…CHICAGO!

I was very impressed with the speed at which things happened; I received a call from the school’s clinicals scheduler on WEDNESDAY letting me know what my options were, then ended up signing a contract with my coordinator yesterday that said that I would be doing all cores and 1-3 electives in Chicago (so no moving around…YEA!).  The only downside is that my first rotation starts September 10, so I don’t have a lot of time to prepare.

I’d read horror stories in the forums about having to wait months to receive an assignment, then there not being enough spots open, and quite honestly after the scheduling delay before I could take my step, part of me was very concerned that there might be issues with clinicals.  I’ve never been so glad to be wrong before.

In the interim, I’ve ordered books for my first rotation, re-purchased a stethoscope (since mine was sold in the student sale back on the island), and gotten started on amassing the documents requested of me–passport copies, police report, proof of insurance, etc.  I’m still due to go shopping for professional attire and to sit down and attempt to find a suitable apartment before we head up to the Windy City on Labor Day weekend.  It’s odd suddenly having all these requirements and deadlines after you’ve been lax and responsibility-free for the past 3.5 months.

On the home front, things have been complicated by the fact that my old trusty school laptop has contracted the google re-direct virus (and apparently a plethora of other spyware).  Any suggestions on anti-virus software?
Also have been busy with fair board duties over the past 2 weeks–in fact, last night was our first night away from the fair grounds in a loooong time.  We didn’t make it home before 1:00 in the morning last week.  I’m trying to readjust my schedule (so I can visit everyone before I leave) but it’s proving difficult so far.

Another complication of fair week that I’m dealing with is that I went off my diet.  It’s hard enough avoiding red meat during fair week when you routinely spend 10+ hour stretches surrounded by burgers, hotdogs, Italian sausages, livermush sandwiches, ham biscuits, etc., but to avoid carbs would leave me starving.  I was thrilled to spend the week snacking on local delicacies like funnel cakes, fries, roasted corn, and frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate, but now I’m starting back up on the diet and in carb withdrawal.  Given that I’ve only got 2 weeks left before I have to move, I’d love to spend the rest of my time in the South eating whatever I pleased but my week off has cost me +6 pounds already.  I’m afraid someone would have to roll me onto the airplane if I didn’t exercise some self-control soon.


August 15, 2012

Received an email today, the Wednesday 3 weeks after I took my test that I could go review my score report online.  It’s available as a PDF when you login to your OASIS page with ECFMG.  😀 So happy I passed!


August 9, 2012

Hi guys,
Still here.  Life with med school on pause is, as you would imagine, BORING.  Another Wednesday has come and gone with no USMLE scores, so I’ll sit and twiddle my thumbs for another week.  Your questions have been great, though.  Keep them coming and I shall try to answer to the best of my abilities.