The In-between Week

March 18, 2012

Greetings from the Med-5 Igloo.  We had the ICM shelf last Wednesday and we have the Path shelf this Wednesday, so we’ve all been stuck in our own little bubble while the rest of the school is somewhere in the midst of block 4.  Let’s see.  Last week was fine.  Full-time Kaplan videos suck, but then having the Tuesdays before shelf off are great.  The ICM shelf felt really long–all of the questions were vignette-style (which means mandatory reading of the whole stem) so I felt really fatigued by the time I’d finished my first pass of the test before I went back to address my flagged questions.  Most of it was familiar, but there were a few “huh” questions where I really had no idea what the test-makers were going for, either regarding pictures or clues I’d never seen/heard before relating to familiar diseases.  This shelf, in particular, really tested your memory of previous subjects.  There were some anatomy questions that required thinking back to Med 1, some biochem from Med 2, a representation from all of the subjects from Med 3, and then a fair amount of pathology and pharm from Med 4.  I guess that’s what the comprehensive exam will feel like.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful.  Everyone looked exhausted by Friday and there were many empty seats.  Was swimming Friday afternoon at Oualie and saw something raise its head out of the water, somewhere between where I was out in the deeper water and where some kids were playing in the shallows.  The kids swear it was a sea snake, however I would lean more towards a turtle.  Either way, I’ll probably be taking a break from the waves at least until I can finish up with these shelf exams.  I like playing in the waves at Windward beach better than the eerily still water at Oualie, however the drive is a big deterrent from getting down to Windward (Dad swears he’s never going back after the flat tire we ended up with last trip).

Saturday morning was the health fair at the IGA.  We did blood pressure and blood glucose screenings.  Great experience and many opportunities to teach others–teaching was unexpected and enjoyable.  Saturday night was a dinner party with homemade lasagna; as we have no Italian restaurants here on Nevis (aside from Pizza places), that was a real treat.

Now everyone’s in scramble mode trying to cram in every last fact that they can, related to path.  Later this week we have a visit from our clinical dean and Friday we have the Med 5 yard sale.  Doesn’t sound like I’ll have much time to watch March Madness games, but I’m still cheering for the Heels in spirit!

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