February 3, 2012

All people deal with stress differently.  I get that.

But my goodness.  It’s not even comp time yet, we’re still only half-way done with path and ICM but everyone is terrified to the point of rudeness.  My classmates have done so well during our 4+ semesters together, but now it seems like everyone has suddenly slipped into this panic state where they completely forget their manners and become selfish little egotists.  Why?  You’ve all proven that you paid enough attention to get through the first four Med semesters–there isn’t going to be anything that odd-ball on the exams coming up that you haven’t seen before–calm down.

Hopefully I’ll be able to look back on this experience in a few months and laugh but right now, it’s disturbing.

There’s this big push during the 5 semesters here to bank money for your class.  Every semester the school gives you money, and you can take that money and hold fundraisers: bake sales, raffles, etc.  The ultimate goal is to raise enough money so that after the white coat ceremony in Med 5, your class can have a nice reception at one of the hotels or at the botanical gardens.  Unfortunately, this usually costs about $20,000 ECD or $7,500 USD.  If you make a concerted effort throughout your time here, then it’s not that bad.  Alas, our class doesn’t like effort.  Effort usually requires work, dedication, and some degree of self-sacrifice.  Currently we have less than $10,000 ECD in our account, so we have less than half of the money we’d need for a proper reception.  Instead of being motivated and putting in a solid group effort to improve the situation for everyone, no one wants to help.  We had a bake sale scheduled for yesterday.  No one volunteered to bake anything.  No one volunteered to go to town to pick up the baked goods.  And worst of all, no one would sit downstairs (even for an hour) to help sell baked goods.  This was after an email went out the night before telling them that we had no help, whatsoever.  I had perfect attendance up until yesterday and didn’t want to miss class, but no one was going to do it and our orders at the bakery and Indian restaurant (Samosas) were already placed.  You can’t be flaky with the locals who already have a lowered opinion of the students and ruin the opportunity to have bake sales for the whole school and classes to come.  So the class president and I skipped ICM to ride to town to collect the baked goods and get change from the bank.  Then when we got back, the tables that we had reserved to place in the main hall were being taken away.  We had to chase down the maintenance department and ask them to please leave us just one table because we were standing there with boxes of pastries in our hands and had to put them somewhere.  We decided on prices and caught our class during its first break.  Sure, some people came down and bought pastries, but then they ran back upstairs.  I ended up standing there by myself, after the president snuck back upstairs to sit through pathology.  You’ve got hundreds of ECD worth of money sitting on a table (because no one thought to bring an envelope) and you can’t even go to the bathroom because there’s no one to cover.  I was so angry I could spit fire.  Then, to make matters worse, when our class came down on the next break and I had sold all but a box of the pastries, they have the audacity to come up to the table and say “Aww, you’re here all by yourself” and then WALK AWAY!  Flabbergasted.

Quit being selfish!  Think about someone other than yourself.  I am trying to make sure you have a nice graduation.  Sure, I’m probably going to go somewhere else with my friends and family after the ceremony, but I know there will be lots of people who don’t have family members come down and would like a proper celebration.  Ugh.

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