Half-way through my last block 1

January 15, 2012

School is going fine.  I’m trying to be more patient with ICM and Path lecture; this is directly proportional to the amount of sleep I get, so there are days I go straight home, take a nap and then go back for the gym if it’s not too late.  Gym every day is working out fine.  Muaha–pun intended.  Sore but don’t feel so guilty when I eat dessert–fat-free yogurt, handful of unsalted, roasted peanuts, and drizzle of honey.  Still working on drinking 2 liters of water daily; end up playing catch-up some days.  ICM lab is shaping up to be my favorite class–prof is hilarious, interesting, and not wooed by the stupid b-s of my least favorite classmate, who missed the first week of class and was trying to argue a point in Friday’s tutorial that he had NO CLUE about.  Moron.

I’m a whole organ system ahead of the prof in path.  I’m a whole organ system behind the prof in ICM.  Eek.  I know.  Bad Jenn.  But that’s what Sundays are for, in addition to cooking, dishes, laundry and tidying.  ::sigh:: Back to work.

4 Responses to “Half-way through my last block 1”

  1. Ruchi said

    Your blog is so helpful! I find myself reading multiple months at once. I had the same fears and worries that you did. I’ll be coming in May, is there any way I can email you random questions?

  2. soniah said

    Hi Jenn,

    I just came across your blog today! And I feel we both come from the same place. I’m hesitant in applying for medical school because of my poor gpa due the same reasons you were. But your blog has given me hope and courage to maybe apply for this year. Is there anyway I can email you so we can talk more?

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