Life at Home

December 14, 2011

Really enjoying the break from school and the odd emptyness that comes from going from no free time to loads of free time.  Spent the weekend baking holiday goodies my with Mom and pleasure reading things that aren’t remotely medical or scientific like Nancy Drew and other novels.  Monday  I had the house to myself while my folks were off at work–I left the house to go to the gym but otherwise spent the day cooking and reading, two things I really miss when I’m away.

Tuesday was busy.  Suddenly obligations are creeping up.  I’d noticed that the Med 5’s had given up a couple of weekends for CPR classes last semester, so I had the bright idea of trying to take a renewal BLS class while I was at home.  There just so happened to be one last 8-hour class in 2011 on 12/13 and 12/15 from 6:00-10:00 in the evening.  Excellent.  I signed up at the last minute, got my book the day before the class and then realized that those were the only two days where I had commitments.  Great.  When it rains, it pours.

Yesterday, I had a dentist’s appointment at 2:40 in Marion, 45 minutes away.  This means that I have to start at 12:00, showering, getting ready.  Brushing my teeth.  Flossing.  Brushing my teeth again.  Rinsing with Listerine.  Brushing my teeth again.  Flossing again.  The same kind of neurotic things everyone does when they know their mouth is about to be scrutinized.  Then I have to leave by 1:30 to make sure I’ll get there in time, since much of the trip involves interstate travel and there could easily be a wreck and traffic.  Barring unforeseen cavities, I get out of there by 4:00 then am home by 4:45.  That leaves 45 minutes for dinner before time to leave for class.  Busy from 12:00-10:00?  No way.

Thursday I have a hair appointment, in town at 11:30.   Also Thursday I am supposed to go shadow one of the local doctors in the afternoon immediately after the hair appointment, right up until the time BLS class starts again.   So not only am I busy from 11:30-10:00, but I also have to find a professional outfit to wear to the doctor’s office.  This feels a little bit like work.

Thankfully I have Wednesday (today) in between with only a trip to the Jeweler’s and some other small errands in town on my to-do list.  I get to go back to the gym, but now I have 7 miles to make up for my absences on Saturday and yesterday in addition to the 5 I’m supposed to cover each day, which means I’ll have to cover 7 miles each day for the next 4 days to get out of the hole.  Hate being OCD but it’s getting me the results I’ve always wanted.

The gym at home is weird compared to the tiny gym at MUA.  On the one hand, I don’t have to worry about walking inside and it smelling like mould and dirty butt, but on the other hand, there are machines with touch screens and loads of other people, almost all older than me, many in much better shape.  It’s a real, proper gym.  I almost feel like I don’t belong.  There are attendants, lockers, towels, showers.  The machines feel weird.  I’m used to an elliptical with an upward tilt to the pedals, yet this one tilts down and adds pressure to my quads.  I have a choice in bikes–not just the one where you sit, stretch out your legs perpendicular to your torso and ride with your hands gripped parallel to your thighs on the heart-rate monitors.  Actually, I quite enjoy the upright bikes now that I’ve discovered the “Calorie burn” mode is NOT the same thing as the “Fat Burn” mode I’m used to on the island.  The one similarity is the treadmill.  Different models from different companies but in either case, 3.5 mph with a 5% gradient is enough of a challenge to put my heart rate into fat-burning category, yet keep me from turning into a panting, gasping fool who shakes the floor with each footfall.

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