November 20, 2011

A break from block 4 studying is necessary to emphasize block manners.  Understandably, many students are stressed because, while most of our grades have already been determined for the semester, there are a select few who are either on the cusp between letter grades or who are kidding themselves that they can still dramatically change their grade by this one block score, the weakly weighted block 5, and the cumulative finals.  Regardless of which position you’re in, I get it, you should be studying right now and it should consume you.  Your dedication is admirable.  But quit being flakes.  Just because it’s time for blocks and you have to study, don’t make plans you know you can’t follow-through with and blow people off.  We ALL have blocks and we ALL need to be studying.  Don’t presume that your study time is any more important than study time for any other student, including those who sit waiting on you, wasting their study time because you can’t be troubled to send them a message that you’re breaking off the arranged plans.

Thanks anonymous classmate who left me waiting for 2 hours then didn’t have the courtesy to text me that you blew off our plans to do practice questions together.  Hope you know better than to ask me to help you study for finals.

And a month later, here I am

November 16, 2011

Hard to believe block 4 is almost at an end.  I agree with my classmates that the semester started out particularly slow, but has since hit warp speed.  Except of course, when we’re actually sitting in class, the clock is ticking backwards and I would like to write a blog post but have no internet…oh well.

Let’s see, what’s happened since we last spoke?  Block 3 was fine.  Easier than block 2, block 2 always seems to be one of the more challenging blocks in a semester–you know what to expect after block 1 but then for some reason, you seem to cover the most difficult material.  We covered antibiotics in pharm which was an interesting echo back to micro.  We covered bone and connective tissue stuff in path; it was pretty dull–didn’t really want to know that all those different types of bone cancers exist and probably won’t see most of them in my career, but it was a bit melancholy at the end because we realized it was our last few lectures with the professor who is undoubtedly our favorite of the three path teachers.

Our grades were finally posted after our PD midterm.  That was a lot of wasted stress.  I ended up getting the dreaded examiner everyone was trying any way they could think of to avoid, but as little as she made me feel like I knew with her questions at the end, I still ended up doing well on the tested part of the exam, the physical examination.  The written exam reminded me of med psyc–wasn’t a difficult exam at all but people were so reluctant to take the class seriously that most of the class ended up making grades in the high 70s/low 80s because of lack of studying.  Heaven forbid you spend more than an hour studying for the slack class of the semester.  Yeah, well watch it pull your gpa down.  And it’s going to be embarrassing in 10 months when you’re on rounds and your superiors ask you to go in and listen for lung sounds and you don’t know what to do…

(Sorry. ::climbs off soapbox::)

Lets see, haven’t been off the island since the earlier trip to Kitts.  Just haven’t had time.  Every weekend after blocks, it seems like there are rounds at the hospital or some study session or other obligation that makes my conscience whisper to me “you know, you should really stick around and be available for that.”  Have been going to the gym quite a bit; trying to figure out if I’ve lost enough weight that my body will let me get into jogging yet.  My right knee is saying vehemently, No.  In the mean time, light weights and cardio have kept me from gaining back any weight I lost last semester and losing a few more pounds on top of that.  Not as fast as I’d like, of course, but one can’t rush these things.

Getting loads of email about Black Friday and Christmas shopping.  Really want to go to my favorite websites and shop, but at the same time my rational side reminds me it’s pointless.  The goal from now on is to make sure I bring all the things I care about HOME, rather than more things down to the island that I have to risk leaving here permanently.  In the mean time, I’ve been quieting my shopping demons by making purchases on iTunes–absolutely in love with the new Coldplay song, “Paradise.”  Getting nervous about Christmas plans while I’m home.  Many people to see who I haven’t seen in a long time.  I’d really love to go skiing too but I’m afraid of what I’d do about school if I got hurt; no handicap accessibility on the island.  Airplanes, while temporary, are worse.  I’ve gotten access to one of the USMLE Step I review courses, so I hope to tackle a bit of that during the holidays while I’m home.  Also I think I’m going to order a suture kit and try to brush up on ambidextrous sewing.  Happy Holidays.  Haha.