So I keep saying how I promise I’ll get back and write at least weekly but, oh well, anyway, here I am, over two weeks after my last post.  Since we last spoke, I’ve had block 2 exams, gotten my 2 days at the hospital with the surgeon over with, and…hmmm, aside from studying, not much else, though it feels like years.

Block 2 exams went better than block 1.  It’s always easier going into a bock knowing what to expect.  The upper meds tell us that this is supposed to be the hardest block of the semester, and boy and I hope that’s true.  There was so much information in both path and pharm that I didn’t think my brain could hold it all.  I started studying much earlier this time, so I think that’s the key.  Also I’ve been studying with a friend who quite enjoys practice questions, so I suppose, reluctantly, that those are helpful, though I make a point of only doing them after I’ve finished my regular studying, as to not limit what I learn.  I figured out the hard way that you need to know every stupid little detail for path last block, so I was prepared.  Pharm didn’t go as well as I would have liked it, but then again, we had almost all the major high-yield drugs available on one test: HTN, diuretics, heart failure, anti-hyperlipidemia, asthma, antihistamines & autacoids, whew.  It was so much to remember.  I think had I had just one more day to study I’d have gotten an A, but oh well.

The trip to the hospital was right before blocks, so we were all a bit on-edge but it was quite interesting.  The first day, Thursday was surgery day, so we went in at 8am and got to see 3 surgeries.  The next day, since all of the surgeries were out-patient, we met the Surgeons and went touring the surgery wards to check in on the post-surgical patients of the hospital.  That was terrifying.  We got grilled.  Actually it wasn’t that bad, the only thing I absolutely felt inadequate on was the blood supply, but we all know how anatomy wasn’t my favorite class.  No worries, I have something to review over the holidays now, Yipee!

The island’s not changed much, it’s trying to cool down.  The car’s about the same.  I heard a clicking noise the other day and drove it to my mechanic and he discovered that I had a broken axle-joint.  Woohoo.  So 3 hours and an undisclosed amount of money later, my car didn’t click anymore and was driveable.

I’ve been going to the gym regularly with my study-buddy though I can’t quite see the results.  It’s disappointing but I’m still going.  Need to book my ticket home soon but can’t swallow the idea that I’m going to be a Med 5 when I come back and will be taking the comp soon.  Eek.

Oh well, studying antibiotics this block so I had probably better go get back to that.  You’d think it was review, but for those of us who slacked off in micro, it requires a bit more effort. haha.


October 1, 2011

Um so I know it’s been ages–I meant to post weekly but this past block has been dramalicious.  We’re having horrible problems with people cheating at school, so that’s gotten in the way.  Also, blocks went really well but there was drama surrounding the fairness and appropriateness of the questions in path, so there was much time wasted in arguing which was exhausting both intellectually and emotionally.

Block 1 went fine.  We have quizzes the last regular week of each block and the quizzes went fine.  Except for the fact that we have to give up 30 minutes of lunch to take the path quiz.  That frosts my a$$ because these people are hell-bent on taking away our lunch time and extra time.  I can’t tell you how much extra time we’re having to give up for classes.  Some of the time is ok–it’s taught by caring professors and is used wisely, but some extra time I want to [insert evil verb phrase here].

Blocks were hard.  I got together with a classmate and we legitimately studied 3 days before blocks but I still only came off with high B’s.  We ended up with about a quarter of the class still making a failing grade after the bonus points from the quiz and a curve in both classes.   Ouch.  I’m annoyed that all that time didn’t equate to an A, but whatever, at least I’m not behind the eight-ball.  There were a lot of us who were afraid that either one of these classes could be a repeat of physio all over again.  Thankfully that’s not the case.

Went to St. Kitts last weekend.  Had a blast.  Love going during the off-season because the rooms are dirt cheap and the resort is deserted.  The service in the sushi bar still sucks, but still better than the non-existant sushi here.  We got a 2-bedroom villa this time and it was incredible.  It had a washer and dryer, full kitchen with dishwasher and electric range, and a whirlpool.  I’ve never felt so….Americanized.

Classes have been so long and exhausting this week.  We’ve had to give up half of our lunch for path for most of the week, so the days feel incredibly long.  This up coming week I’m supposed to go to the hospital to shadow the surgeon.  I’m excited but feel like my anatomy knowledge will be inadequate.  Oh well.  No time to study the week before block.  Also I’m due to give a presentation in PD on a case study–it’s the same day I’m due for follow-ups at the hospital.  Must delegate.  And make powerpoint slides.  Also this week is the mock exam for biochem and genetics.  Aah!  It’s already crazy busy.

Well, I’m off to go do practice questions for Monday’s test since that’s the prof’s solution to everything (“you didn’t do enough practice questions”).  Good evening.