Hike & Beach

July 28, 2011

The hike to the source was beautiful, but very dangerous.  We went with clouds in the sky hoping it wouldn’t rain, but it rained almost the whole time.  The trail got flooded, we almost got lost and it was a bit scary.  Perhaps I’ll try it again once I get over my PTSD, haha.  Today’s the first day I didn’t feel compelled to premedicate with NSAIDs just to be able to get out of bed –yes, the hike was a bit strenuous.  Ended up going to Oualie Beach Sunday instead of going to St. Kitts because I was so sore.  Unfortunately ended up getting a little sunburnt but it was nice to lay in the sun and forget that finals were a week away, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

Ethics final is tomorrow, nervous.  Dr. M decided to change his mind from his original decision and have Dr. F write questions as well, so we’ll have a diverse and interesting exam.  Med Psyc Shelf is Monday, eek!  Well maybe not eek–I feel pretty well prepared.  I read the Behavioral and Psychiatry sections in First Aid, read the entire Kaplan Behavioral Science book, and am finishing BRS Behavioral Science–love BRS for studying for finals, excellent resource.  So, I think as soon as I finish BRS today, I’m going to start in on BRS Neuro for our Neuro final next Friday.  After that we’ve got Micro on Tuesday and then our Micro lab exam, Micro block 5 exam, and Neuro block 5 quiz before we finish up on Wednesday.  Thinking of staying on the island instead of going to Kitts since the last quiz doesn’t start until 4:00 and the hotel rooms have gone up in price :/.

Dr. S is having us attempt our first spinal tap today in Neuro, so I’m off!


July 23, 2011

Just finished block 4 exams (they went ok) and am gearing up for shelf exams.  I have three this semester, eek!  In addition, two block 5 quizzes and an Ethics final, double eek!  Also, still trying to help the incoming students get ready for their trip down here with the facebook group.  Watched Harry Potter online–was completely awesome!  Going to attempt hiking to the Source tomorrow before trying the Thai restaurant–excite!  And might be taking a day-trip to Kitts Sunday to try out some expat Dominos.  Squeal!  Finally tried the cafe inside of Superfoods and was really wowed.  What a difference made-from-scratch makes.

Must catch up on sleep, cheers!


::shakes head::

Perhaps I should have called this entry, No Deed Goes Unpunished?

Silly little me didn’t have enough to do in medical school (I’m being sarcastic), so I decided to take a more active role in counseling incoming students to the school–just general advice on how to get here, what to bring, what Nevis is like, etc.  That was going great until one of the school office staff was added to the group and started contrary commentary on all of my posts, refuting them.  I didn’t take too kindly to that.  If I take the time to share my personal experiences, specifically what does work and what fails miserably, it’s not nice to tell incoming students who don’t know any better and who have never been to Nevis that I’m completely wrong and not to listen to me when following that same staff member’s advice ended up landing me in adverse situations where I was cheated.

I know I’m being vague.  I don’t want to list specifics, but the point is, if there was more information sent out to incoming students, they wouldn’t have all these questions and it wouldn’t be an issue.  I’m just trying to fill in gaps that exist in this process to help future students have a better experience adapting to island life and med school than I did.  Every semester as tuition increases, we have less and less money to live on, so the stress and questions increase while it doesn’t seem like more information is made available.

Anyway, to help these students, I’ve been making lengthy daily posts on suggestions for a variety of frequently asked questions.  We had a mentor program last semester, but we didn’t meet until only a couple of weeks were left in school, so we had all already booked our tickets back to the island at a later date.  There was no opportunity to fly back with our mentees, to contact them, to advise them at all before they got to the island.  Then once we got here, one of my email addresses was invalid so I emailed the program coordinators twice to get the correct address and they never got back to me.  I assumed because we never had another meeting or I never heard another thing from them that the program had fizzled out, so I started earlier this semester, with the intention of requesting to the dean to restart the program myself, giving these students more notice.

I just had a run-in with the previous presidents.  They were impressed with my posts and wanted me to be involved in the club (which, despite all indications, they ARE planning on running this semester, though we’ve not gotten a single email or had a meeting yet and we’re about to take block 4 exams…) but they want me to take a subordinate role.  Are you kidding me?  I’ve got 12+ hours worth of work into the group and the posts, answered emails, corresponded with these kids, and you want me to be a subordinate under you while neither of the BOTH of you have done ANYTHING?  I don’t think so.

The wouldn’t make me a co-chair, that’s all I asked.  So in a rushed conversation, we’ve agreed to disagree and part our ways.  I’ve already had a run-in with the administration staff over these posts, so I am keeping my work where it is, and am not just giving it out for free to a mentor program that wants to exist for 2 weeks via email only.  That seems too late to start and too much of a hands-off approach to call yourself a mentor program, to me.  It’s just not right.  Structure, planning, and accountability–is that so hard?  I was willing to work with them!


Defeatedly going back to try to start my nap again, then block 4 review. :/

Catching up

July 10, 2011

Hello, dear friends.  Oh, I know my posts are starting to get few and far between, my apologies.  I’ve been working quite a bit on another project, for incoming MUA students that is quite time-consuming.  Oh, and then there’s medical school, too.  Haha.

Haven’t had much exciting going on.  As I mentioned before, we’ve stepped away from Microbiology completely into Immunology.  The material sounds vaguely familiar–lol Immunology was my first and only A in an upper-level biology course in undergrad. I miss making antibodies out of twizzlers and skittles.  This isn’t nearly as exciting.  In fact, we have our second of two “early” classes tomorrow where we start at 8:00 instead of 9:00.  Eew.  Just eew.

We’re all a little confused about neuro this block–there don’t seem to be that many lectures, so we’re wondering if we’re just going to finish early this block?  We’ve been told that we won’t have any more labs, so…?

Med Psyc is probably as intense as it’ll get–we’re finally doing pharmacology this block, and it’s very fun.  I heard a drug commercial on TV the other day for an antidepressant and actually semi-understood all the fine-print lingo at the end of it about side-effects and whatnot.  It does, however, intimidate me for what will be to come next semester in REAL pharm.  Hmmm.

For Ethics, we got the old ethics prof back.  He really knows his stuff and is doing his best to engage us at 4:00 on Thursdays and Fridays when we’re just a little listless.  I feel like we’re letting him down, but it’s tough adapting to his teaching style after 3/4ths of a semester of med psyc guy’s teaching style.  Thankfully he’s cancelling the quiz and presentations listed on the syllabus, so we’ve just got the final exam to worry about.  The butterflies who live in my stomach and decide to become angry and hyperactive during public speaking have gone back into hibernation with deep chagrin upon hearing this news.  Aw darn.

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2011

On an unrelated note, if I hear “my dear friends” or “look at the board” one more time…

Ugh, new immuno prof…