Biochem shelf

April 11, 2011

Well, my philosophy about shelf exams being easy after our professors’ tests is out the window…

I ended up studying a bit of Saturday and most of Sunday for biochem, both on my own and with a study buddy.  We did mainly Kaplan and pre-test questions, definitely identifying some areas where we needed work reviewing.  I would say that probably the most high-yield thing I had forgotten was the specific amino acids–branched chain, positively charged, negatively charged, polar, non-polar, etc.  Just like biochem gal said, metabolism was very low-yield.  Kind of makes me wonder why we wasted a whole block on metabolism alone.  I think we would have been more productive slowing down for example, the iron metabolism lecture or the uric acid lecture and spending more than a day on them, and then if a block 5 was still necessary, to make it on pathology and diseases rather than metabolism.  I bet we had 20 questions that started out with a clinical vignette about a <12 month-old baby who came in to see the pediatrician with some kind of ailment involving either jaundice, hepato/splenomegaly, mental retardation, failure to thrive, coarse facial features, etc.  There were a few odd-ball questions that were straight physio questions and a few that I had absolutely no clue what they were talking about and just had to guess.  Definitely not as easy as everyone said it would be–probably on par with our block 4 exam in terms of difficulty or perhaps just a shade more difficult.  Know that I did well enough to save my B but doubt that I did well enough to TA.  Shame.

Physio shelf is tomorrow.  Have already reviewed cardiac and respiratory, still have to go over endocrine, GI and renal.  Thankfully, I think I learned more the first time around that I gave myself credit for, but there’s still so much to review.  Just want to pass.  Even if it’s with a 70.0.  Not trying to be greedy.  ::crosses fingers::

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