Happy Holidays

December 27, 2010

I hope everyone had a lovely time and did what made them happy, be it family time, shopping, or at least rest.  My vacation back in the US is winding down.  I just got back to NC from Georgia where I spent Christmas with relatives.  It was fun.  Now there’s much packing to do–I’ve spent the entire break shopping, trying to gather things that are not too expensive and not too heavy, but that will make my time on Nevis better or easier. 

There are considerable differences between the stuff I’m bringing down now versus the stuff I sent down at the beginning of the fall semester.  The shelving, stand fan, and printer were all things that took up a lot of room which don’t need duplicating in this Tropical shipment.  Also I’m not bringing nearly as much food, just things that are either rediculously cheaper here than on the island or things that are completely unavailable on the island that I’d like to be able to ration out when I’m having a bad day.   There are a few things I’m bringing down for the first time that I completely forgot to bring down last time, like nail polish remover.  Silly little things that you don’t think about until you’re sitting there looking at your toenails with their chipped polish and would really like to repaint them. 

While most of the deals I was hoping to find after Christmas have not existed in the major chain department/clothing stores, the discount stores and outlets have not disappointed.  Just today I scored a pair of backless, hot pink Keen sandals for half-price at the Tanger outlets in Commerce, GA.  The other day, I found a pair of Teva flip flops at Shoe Show for $15.  T-shirts haven’t been terribly hard to find but gauchos have been. 

Best of luck to all those who are packing and getting ready to fly down.  The island will seem deserted but don’t worry–it’ll be a lot better when everyone gets back and school gets into swing.  Use the downtime to go exploring and find a car/shops/meet people.

2 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Courtney P said

    I’ve been following your blog everyday… I even have it bookmarked! LOL, I check it everyday for your great advice. I am a med1 student starting in Jan ’11. I live in Commerce, GA, totally wish I would’ve known you’d be close, I would’ve loved to get some advice in person over a cup of joe.

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