Traveling Hiatus

December 13, 2010

Hello, all.  Back at home, in sleepy small town NC, enjoying the niceties of residing in a civilized country again, even if it is temporary.  Grades were just posted.  There is a rumor going around that embryology and EBM are pass/fail and it’s true–I was looking at the grades website and letter grades are not given for those classes–just the final average.  If this is true, my study recommendations will change significantly for these classes.  Hopefully I’ll know for sure when I get back to the island, but definitely if I forget to ask or post, do yourself a favor and ask at the start of the semester.  That was waaaay too much wasted effort just for a pass–and for 8:00 am classes?!

Home is cold, but happy.  It was sooo nice to go to Target today where you can buy food, entertainment, clothes, shoes, and homegoods all in one place.  Meanwhile shopping successfully for island clothes is hard–long sleeves and fur-lined everything just won’t do back at school.  Saw some really cute boots but realized it’s completely pointless for me to buy cold weather clothes given that I’ll only need them for 3 weeks out of the year.  Excited about cooking, specifically baking now that I have access to an oven again and many well-stocked local supermarkets.  Driving was weird–definitely confused about whether I should be on the left or right during turning, but otherwise not too bad.  Can’t believe it’s snowing here–it stinks for the rest of the island folks trying to get home.  Many of the students who live North of the Mason-Dixon line are getting held up in Miami and Charlotte, trying to catch connecting flights that are either canceled or delayed due to the weather.  Looking forward to going skiing, myself.

Off to bed, watching Netflix online account,, and iTunes–all happily accessible in the US.

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