Anatomy Shelf Tomorrow

December 6, 2010

Hi guys, don’t have much time to chat.  Have been studying all day taking intermittent breaks to start packing stuff up.  Donated a bunch of non-perishables to a local church group today.  Took a break with my friends to go to Pizza Beach for dinner–totally recommend the rotisserie chicken breast.  95% of the chicken you get down here is dark meat, so I was really excited to have the option.

A suggestion about studying–the anatomy shelf only counts for 20% of your grade so if you bust your hump to make decent grades throughout the semester on the block exams, you don’t have to worry about the final unless you’re trying to be a TA or your grade is borderline.  Unfortunately, I need a 40% to pass the class.  I know, it’s totally do-able, but my 2 friends that I just went out to dinner really have it made–the one doesn’t even have to show up to the exam to pass the class and the other guy has to make a 2.5%.  Did I mention they were anatomy beasts?

We’re all a bit concerned–the EBM final counts for 50% of our grade and we only have tomorrow (after we get out of the anatomy shelf) to study for it since the test is on Wednesday afternoon.  There’s not a lot of material at all, but they had to implement a 10 pt. curve for our midterm in order to make the average passing, so that tells you how easy they made it.  If you’re bored and want to go over something useful before you come to the island, orient yourself to PICO questions–there’s a butt-load of them on the EBM tests and just to make it a bit more interesting, they pick the most detailed, confusing ones that they can.

I’ve been helping out one of my dinner friends with embryology–it’s the last final but he’s really stressed about it because he didn’t do well on the first test of the class.  He confessed tonight that his mistake was that he studied far in advance for the test.  He said that when he waited and studied the weekend before, that his grade went up significantly on the second test.  I’m inclined to agree, seeing as I do best on tests when I come home, sleep, then wake up and review the material all night long until I wake up and go take the test.  It’s like my brain turns into a sieve when I sleep.

Think happy thoughts for me, I’m nervous but surely I can pull a 40%, right?

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