Eating out on a Budget

December 5, 2010

If you’re coming down here on a strict budget but you decide that you really want to get out and go eat somewhere on the island, breakfast is the way to go.  True, you have to wake up and sacrifice valuable sleep-in time on the weekends, but given that we have so many resorts down here, it’s worth it.  This morning (11:15) my friends and I went to Pizza Beach, the local pizza place, which does breakfast on the weekends; it transforms into Pancake Beach.  For $20 EC, you get eggs, sausage and either pancakes or french toast (the pancakes seem to be more filling).  Coffee and tea are $3 EC or you can get passion fruit juice for $6 EC.  If you just want pancakes or french toast, they’re only $10 EC.  What a bargain!

If you’re willing to spend a little more, for $14 US, you can go to the Hermitage and have a gourmet breakfast of either coconut crusted or orange blossom french toast with passion fruit/guava syrup, an omelet/eggs any way you want them, fried plantains, homemade granola and yogurt, and coffee/tea.

Generally speaking we love to go out on Sundays because that way, you have Saturday morning to sleep in, then Sunday you go to breakfast, come back and study for a while, then Sunday afternoons we like to drive up to Brick Kiln and get ice cream.  There is a nice 7th Day Adventist lady who runs an ice cream parlor along the main road that encircles the island.  It’s probably a 20-minute walk from school (we usually just drive), but you can get a waffle cone of ice cream for $5 EC, again quite a bargain.  She has a variety of flavors: pistachio, toffee, cookies and cream, coconut, cherry coconut, vanilla, chocolate vanilla, etc.  (The restaurant Flavours also has ice cream but I think hers is better.)

For dinner, the only grocery store open on Sundays is the Best Buy in Gingerland.  Depending on who is driving, it’s about a 15-20 minute drive from school, but many people go grocery shopping on Sunday.  The best part about the Best Buy is that they have a deli inside the store where you can get fresh deli meats and cheeses, but they also make sandwiches.  You can get a huge sub sandwich with whatever you want on it for $6-8 EC–an excellent bargain given that the Subway in Basseterre charges $30 EC/footlong sandwich.  Also, if you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, there is a snack shop on the outside of the building that is quite popular.  I haven’t eaten there personally, but I’m told their french fries are to die for.  Also quite economical.

In case any of you decide you’d like a taste of home while you’re in St. Kitts, here’s the menu from the Subway.  I haven’t been to the KFC yet.  All prices are in EC.

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