I <3 Protein Fridays

November 27, 2010

For those of you coming to the island, I must share with you my love of the Water Company BBQ over on Pump Rd.  It happens every Friday evening–the fellas who work at the water company set up tents and music and grills right across from their offices and they go to town on those grills.  They sell racks of ribs (pork) for $25 EC/$9.26 US, chicken quarters for $7 EC/$2.59 US, and garlic bread for $4 EC/$1.48 US right off the grill!  We’ve been 2 Fridays in a row now and I think we’ll be going back next Friday.  It is, quite honestly, love–an excellent opportunity to be a carnivore.

But, back to school–grades are up.  When I say ‘they’re up’ what I mean is that when you become a student at MUA, you’re given a sign-on onto this http://muacampus.org/Gateway/Gateway.html page.  As soon as your tests are graded (and curved if necessary), your scores are posted online and this is how you access them.  There is a button to push that will give you the class’s statistics like the average and the numbers of As, Bs, Cs if the profs take the time to calculate them.  Thankfully, after the fiascos that were the anatomy tests on Thursday and yesterday of this week, were curved.  There was a 10 pt. curve on the anatomy lecture exam but it still left a >16 pt. standard deviation–not good.  Wonder what they’ll say about it on Monday?

Everyone is happy that the week is over, but now we’re all trying to balance having a bit of fun after blocks and getting started studying.  I opened up First Aid 2007 (I’m cheap, what can I say?) tonight and was greatly disappointed.  It has a small section on embryology, and then most of the immunology section is useful for the corresponding section we covered in histology, but overall, it doesn’t seem very useful for studying for Med 1 finals.  I am sorry to those who have picked up a copy based on my booklist that I posted from the beginning of the semester–total bust, though perhaps useful after later semesters.   Part of me wants to fall back to the old familiar lectures and my personal notes from the semester, but then the practical part of me realizes that my profs will not be writing these exams, so the specifics they’ve taught me won’t necessarily help with these NBME shelf exams.  There were some major topics in BRS that were not covered in class that definitely need visiting.  So I guess I’ll be going through BRS then.  We still have reviews next week, but now that main histo prof’s gone and on her way to India, secondary histo prof’s histo reviews will probably be almost as useful as a towel in a rainstorm.  Anatomy…meh.  Embryo…meh.  Which reminds me–I have part 3 of 3 due for EBM by Monday morning–might as well get it knocked out.  Night guys!

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