Lowered standards, excellent food

November 20, 2010

Committed to buy a car today.  I would be embarrassed to drive it at home, but here it’s quite luxurious.  It’s a Suzuki Jeep–much more practical for island life than Betty, my car that I share with my neighbor who is leaving.  I’m excited.  It needs work, but I’m still hopeful.

Went to the Hermitage for dinner with Jo, Areef, and Kish tonight and it was absolutely breathtaking.  I had a salad (for the first time in months) with balsamic and grapefruit and it was incredible.  Then I had the rack of lamb which came with mashed potatoes, haricot vert, and glazed carrots (that I actually liked!).  Best of all was dessert: walnut pie, the distant cousin of pecan pie, the closest dish to a conventional US Thanksgiving that I’ll get.  Oh, and the pina colada was pretty good, though I still think that the one Areef had at Rumours was better.  Expensive, $70 USD, but totally worth it.  Will get the set menu for $35 USD next time, as long as they don’t have fish as a part of it this time.

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