A Lengthy Break

August 1, 2010

A week after I’m officially done with work, I’m chilled enough to blog and catch up.  Admittedly, my long hiatus was due to the fact that I knew that I had a reader, possibly more, and the creepiness of watching him read what I had written.  Who watches the watchers?  Creepy.

When I finally figured out how brief my remaining time at work was going to be, I was initially sad, not to leave the job, of course, but to be leaving my work friends.  Even though I took weeks off in the interim time between work weeks, when I spent multiple 12-hour shifts with people, I did a considerable amount of bonding–especially– in the humbling kind of work that I was in.  When it’s just you and a nurse standing over someone with a tube going into/coming out of every orifice, you earnestly try and think of anything other than what you’re staring at to discuss and consequently end up learning a lot about each other.

I would call them more, but the way the schedule changes, I don’t want to interrupt them during their precious down time.  When you work 12-hour shifts, your family dynamics change dramatically.  At least in my case, on work days all I did was work and sleep; had a had a husband or kids [like most of the people I worked with], I would not have had the energy to socialize and therefore would have spent my days off catching up [as I assume they do].  Most days I woke up at 4:45, showered, got ready, then left at 6:00 to drive to the hospital [most people have at least a 30 minute commute because no one can afford to live in Chapel Hill proper].  I worked from 7:00 (pm)-7:30 (am) [usually later], and typically made it back to my car by 8:15.  If going straight back to Ila’s, the drive was 30-45 minutes then it was changing out of gross work clothes, washing up, and resetting the alarm–I was lucky to be asleep by 9:30.  That gave me a little over 7 hours of sleep until I woke up and started it all over again.                                                                         But then there are the extras.  Depending on who you worked with, it was rude to leave and go to your car without certain people or at least you should generously check in on them and make sure there’s nothing you can do to help them before you leave.  Obviously, some people are perpetually stuck there late, catching up on charting, but then there are some veterans who are never late leaving, but every now and then get one of those 5 or 6:00 train wrecks that requires either leaving the on-coming nurse with a mess or a couple hours of supplemental charting to get everything back in order.                                                                                                                              I found out, through unfortunate trial and error, that I need at least 4 hours of sleep to be coherent and not a whiny baby during the next night, so that’s how breakfasts and morning activities are possible.

Other than missing my peeps, life has been lackluster.  My exit from UNC hospitals employment was uneventful.  Management didn’t really give me a proper good-bye–who could see that coming?  Finally was shut out of email on Thursday, though unfortunately before my pay stub was emailed to me…sucks.  Tropical is supposed to come and pick up the shipping containers on Monday, so the ‘rents are panicking even though they’ve been packed, inventoried, and labeled for weeks now.  We’re supposed to go to Lenoir today to pick up a birthday present, and too, Mom’s obligated herself to go help clean out my dead grandpa’s trailer.  I should probably go help, but I’ll most likely sleep today instead.  I could have taken something to go to bed earlier, but what’s the point?  I get 2 hours of grumpy parents, then to go run errands I’m not really enthused about…I pick sleep.  That’s not to say I haven’t been productive today, though.  I planned 2 weeks of meals and went to the grocery store today, then tonight when I was up by myself, I unpacked, edited, and repacked the first of the three full-size <50 lb. suitcases.  It’s mostly school supplies.  I had a bunch of crap in there that I thought would be good for school supplies 6 months ago, but now I’m thinning out to what will really be useful and what the forums suggest.  Somehow, I only had a 1.5 inch binder in there, along with the clipboard that will get nasty and be used in anatomy.  I bought 3 3″ binders because that’s what the forum suggested, and too, if I follow-through with my plan of printing out the powerpoints and taking written notes on them in class, I’m going to end up with a lot of notes.  Oddly enough, though, I still don’t have an adequate 3-hole puncher, which seems somewhat essential.

Currently, I’m watching Big Brother After Dark (sort of–it’s pretty superficial), staring at my suitcase and thinking about whether or not there is something else I should bring or try to pack.  I can’t shake this lingering feeling that my shipping containers could be more appropriately packed.  I keep wanting to re-pack them but then when you actually try to move them, or open up the lid and see the organized chaos within, the feeling goes away long enough for you to close the lid and sit back down.

I’m supposed to go to the beach this Thursday with my grandma, her friend, and her friend’s sister.  I’m trying my damnedest to get my mom to come along.  I haven’t been with my grandma on a vacation since we went to the beach before I was in grade school…um 20ish years or so?  Sure I’ll have fun, but I’m so apprehensive.  That’s a long car ride.

It sounds like someone upstairs is awake.  I should go.  It’s almost bedtime anyway.

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