June 11, 2010

To most people, at least.  For me, it’s Tuesday–night 2 of 6.  I’ve been nervously waiting my for my phone to ring and someone from day shift to tell me that since we’ve got a whopping 3 support staff scheduled tonight (that’s actually what we’re supposed to have) that I can stay home, because that would be just too easy to run with full staffing.  The unit isn’t completely filled with only ICU patients.  Too expensive.  My phone isn’t ringing, and I’ve been up since 2:00.  Rats.

I thought I’d spend the extra time shopping, but after checking my banking website, I guess I’d better wait.  I hate going shopping knowing that even if I find something really cool and really cheap, I can’t get it.  Not a good window shopper.  Trying to make a sizeable dent in my undergrad student loans before I quadruple them with grad loans sounded like a good idea before I heard the crickets chirping in my checking account.  Not so much now.

Excited because I get to work with some of the favorites tonight, and I get to work alongside another CST.  Even if she was dying, it would still rock to work with Kendall just because quantifiably, that’s half the work.  Half as many “can you help me with a boost?”‘s, 50% less “let’s get this bath knocked out” and on a Friday, when we’re guaranteed to have multiple admissions, that’s priceless.  I know she’s not really enthused about pulling another 12 but I’ll be glad to have her, plus, unless they’ve called her off, JJ’s charge tonight, which means she’ll help us get the baths done early.  Sweet.

So, mini-rant.  My job would be so much easier if we didn’t try and take foley’s out of everyone the minute they get out of the OR.  I understand the hospital’s trying to cut out the costs of having to pay for CAUTIs, but they’re really shooting themselves in the foot because of the increase in cost they’re incurring with the frequent use of the bladder scanner, I/O cath sets, extra laundry, and if it keeps up,  my broken back.  It’s so frustrating having to turn and clean the same patients hour after hour who clearly no longer have the mental/muscular capacity to control their bladder anymore.  And the worse part is the inevitable skin breakdown that the patient gets.  Skin doesn’t like to sit in urine with a hundred or so pounds of leg and torso on top of it.  And they wonder why our UTI rates are increasing?

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