May 5, 2010

So, I got a phone call and an email a couple days ago from Ross.  My best and worst nightmare–MERPed.  Great on the one hand that I’m in to Ross, bad on the other that it’s MERP.  Plus the price for Bahamas MERP has increased greatly from what I was estimating.  I was thinking $15k for transportation, housing, books, tuition, everything.  According to the email, the cost for tuition alone has increased to $14,665, + $313 required health insurance, +$600 books, + $500 airfare,  +$? for housing all for an intensive 15 week course that doesn’t even count towards med school graduation!  The max loan is $26k but it’s a private loan through a US bank, which means there is no deferment or forbearance.  Why does Ross need all this money from me if it is such a good school?!  And take into account that 20% of the people who pay for MERP don’t get through it–that’s a LOT of profit for the school.  They sound like crooks, I’m going to MUA.

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